Basic Cleaning

Our basic cleaning is carried out using the Green Shine smart organic liquid for body paint which lifts and emulsifies dirt. (Unlike water which uses water pressure leaving behind fine dust and hence scratches when you wipe dry). The emulsified dirt is wiped away in one direction using special micro fibre towels and the waxy haze is buffed up using a fresh microfiber towel making your car gleam and shine! The smart liquid seals in moisture in the body paint elongating its life unlike water which takes away the sheen every time you wash. The Shine also acts as prevention against dust accumulation elongating the interval between cleans.

Green Shine stipulates Specific products for [Body paint], [Glass], [Wheel rims] and [Tire Polish]. Each giving the respective parts an ‘as good as new’ gleam and shine.

Unlike normal Polish & Wax services which use chemicals, we use totally organic products in our 7 step procedure, elongating the life of your body and body paint:

  1. Thorough Cleaning and buffing using Green Shine Body Cleaning Liquid
  2. Identification and Removal of spots and marks all over body using Green Shine Compound
  3. Removal of dirt embedded deep in paint, using Clay
  4. A full machine buffed external application of Green Shine Polishing Compound to remove dullness and bring back the life of the paint
  5. Clean and buff using Green Shine Body Cleaning Liquid
  6. Application of Wax (Banana Wax) for protection of the raw paint and for long lasting gloss and shine
  7. Removal of wax from body and every crevice and nook and corner

Your car will now look like its “straight out of the showroom”!

Green Shine paint sealant is made out of polymers, which are composed of tens of thousands of synthetic particles that are linked together. When a sealant bonds to your vehicle’s paint, it forms a rigid shell. Unlike the warm wax that seems to melt into the paint, black wax & sealant settles on top of the paint like a transparent chain metal suit.

Not only is the Green Shine paint sealant glossy and sleek, but it is also extremely durable. This premium paint sealant can last 3 to 4 months, sometimes longer i.e water will continue to bead and the paint will remain protected from UV rays and contamination, for longer.

New car owners – ideal for you , as it is extremely important to seal the paint of your new car so its ‘new car shine’ is preserved for longer!

Thorough Interior Deep Cleaning removing all spots and stains and Restoration of leather/ fabric/ plastic parts – in a maximum of 4 hours!

A dry operation equivalent to a Seat Shampoo – where your car interiors (roof-top, side panels, seats, carpets and mats) are all made spotlessly clean, removing all stains and dirt. Also includes Restoration and Protection of leather/ fabric / Plastic parts leaving behind a mild but pleasant fragrance.

A great alternative for those who struggle for time, as being a dry operation you get your car back the same day (in a max of 4 hours) unlike a seat shampoo (with water or steam) where you have to leave your car overnight to dry the sponge that gets clogged with water – not to mention the damage it does to its original soft interiors.

Ideal for ‘car hire’ operators and ‘rent a car’ companies with the reduced ‘downtime’, increasing your potential for revenue generation.

Dense and foggy headlights? No problem!

Your headlights get foggy, mostly due to an external problem which can easily be rectified.

The plastic on your headlight gets dense and yellowish due to oxidation. Over time the protective hard coat breaks down with UV degradation, wear from abrasion etc. If left untreated the headlights will eventually develop small surface cracks, a condition referred to as crazing. The effectiveness of the headlight in terms of light output is greatly diminished, in some cases by as much as 70%. [1] leading to reduced night time visibility.

These can easily be made to look ‘as good as new’ in under 30 minutes – a far more economical alternative than replacing the lens!

Additionally, headlight restoration extends the usable life of the headlight assembly and can be repeated. It is also considerably “greener” than disposal and replacement of headlights.

Next to your paint, your engine is one of the most expensive parts of your car. You spend thousands of dollars over the course of your vehicle’s life servicing the fluids, maintaining the paint and interior, replacing the tires, and everything else involved with car ownership. After years of ownership and tens of thousands of miles behind the wheel, what does your engine look like now? A 10 year old vehicle does not have to have an engine that looks 10 years old.

Our process starts with:

  1. Sucking out dust from all the crevices and corners of the engine using a Vacuum Sucker
  2. After which grease and grime are wiped away using Green shine grease remover
  3. Belts and similar dry areas are moisturized using Restorer

Stains to your car’s interior can take away from the overall look and finish. Especially if you have children, we do understand your predicament! The good news is that we can easily remove unpleasant stains from your car’s interiors. While we always recommend a full interior detailing package that will make your entire car interiors spotless, we also carry out specific stain removal services.

The intense heat in the UAE takes away the moisture from your plastic parts making them look dull and lifeless. Our Plastic Restorator gives it back its original black color while moisturizing it back to its old texture.

We now extend our wateriess, organic services to another much needed sector…..

Did you know that washing your bikes with water could:

  •  Conrode your screws?
  •  Set in corrosion at your electrical connections

Packages we offer:

Shine-Basic Cleaning where every nook and comer gets degreased, debugged and cleaned.

Premium – Above plus Detailing giving your bike the as good as new shine:

  • Polishing of Paint & Hand plastics, Metallic, Chrome & Aloy parts
  • Corrosion & Rust Control
  •  Leather & Plastic Restoration & Protection
AED Small AED Big
Shine 50 60
Premium 350 450

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