Polish & Wax

Unlike normal Polish & Wax services which use chemicals, we use totally organic products in our 7 step procedure, elongating the life of your body and body paint:

  1. Thorough Cleaning and buffing using Green Shine Body Cleaning Liquid
  2. Identification and Removal of spots and marks all over body using Green Shine Compound
  3. Removal of dirt embedded deep in paint, using Clay
  4. A full machine buffed external application of Green Shine Polishing Compound to remove dullness and bring back the life of the paint
  5. Clean and buff using Green Shine Body Cleaning Liquid
  6. Application of Wax (Banana Wax) for protection of the raw paint and for long lasting gloss and shine
  7. Removal of wax from body and every crevice and nook and corner

Your car will now look like its “straight out of the showroom”!

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