About Us

    In the UAE, Green Shine’s first outlet became operational in December 2012 and has since expanded to other locations.


    Who are we?

    An US based franchise, Green Shine, UAE’s first Green Car Spa, is a Sustainable Development initiative set up with the objective of curbing wastage of water through the Automobile sector by offering a far superior but waterless & organic, range of car and bike detailing products & services.


    What is Unique about us

    Not only are we WATERLESS,

    Not only is our Range of products ORGANIC

    But our waterless, organic services also extend to Auto DETAILING services.

    Right in your garage, without moving your car, leaving your garage as clean and dry as ever…………

    Not only do you leave with a totally clean car ……………. but also with a ‘clear’ conscience.


    Relevance of Green Shine in UAE

    We, in the UAE, have a reputation of being massive consumers of water (ranking III worldwide in our per capita consumption of water). At ‘one car for every two persons’ we hold the world record for number of cars to population ratio too. We are also known to take pride in our cars and bikes and put in effort to keep them gleaming and shining always.

    Green Shine is an initiative that helps the discerning UAE car or bike owner maintain his car in ‘pristine’ condition while ensuring he is not making a dent into the planet’s water resources.

    More importantly, the UAE Government and related departments like DEWA have been rolling out various measures for “Conservation of Scarce Resources, Energy and Water” viz. the “Green Economy for Sustainable Development” strategy, the “Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week” held every year and the Dubai Expo 2020 sub theme of ‘Sustainability’. Green Shine is a humble effort to support these initiatives.