Interior Detailing

Thorough Interior Deep Cleaning removing all spots and stains and Restoration of leather/ fabric/ plastic parts – in a maximum of 4 hours!

A dry operation equivalent to a Seat Shampoo – where your car interiors (roof-top, side panels, seats, carpets and mats) are all made spotlessly clean, removing all stains and dirt. Also includes Restoration and Protection of leather/ fabric / Plastic parts leaving behind a mild but pleasant fragrance.

A great alternative for those who struggle for time, as being a dry operation you get your car back the same day (in a max of 4 hours) unlike a seat shampoo (with water or steam) where you have to leave your car overnight to dry the sponge that gets clogged with water – not to mention the damage it does to its original soft interiors.

Ideal for ‘car hire’ operators and ‘rent a car’ companies with the reduced ‘downtime’, increasing your potential for revenue generation.

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